Akım Metal has succeded to be specialized in machining.

Our Target is to make production without a harmful effect to the nature and to implement precautions required  to minimize our environmental impacts. Akım Metal, as acting with this consciousness for "Protection of Natural Environment" commits ;

To minimize our impact to the environment (air/water/soil pollution, reduction of natural resources, effect to the human health and safety), to dispose the waste according to the requlations and/or to ensure reusage of them

To implement relevant precautions in order to decrease the usage of Energy Sources and improve it by defining and monitoring targets each year

To comply with all regulations-legislations and laws as well as maintaining compliance

To train all our emloyees for raising their awareness and for gaining them an individual responsibility in order to achieve our Environmental goals

To enhance our environmental standarts by utilizing the cooperation with our suppliers, official bodies and other industrial institutions

To have an accessible and public Environmental Policy

All our employees work cooperatively to achieve the goals declared herein

All employees are responsible to realize the required activities related to their own operations