Our basic approach with our colleagues is to create opportunities to increase their success and efficiency in their duties by shaping their future according to the expectations.

Our company; within the human-centered management approach, we guide our employees' career plans by taking into account their level of self-development, personality traits and commitment to higher levels with the internal&external trainings. Priority in covering human resources need is to utilize internally.

By carrying out a career management with an understanding of fairness and equal opportunity, our main goals are; on the one hand  we maintain a high level of performance and motivation of the people and on the other hand we realize the long term goals of the company.

Our employee profile; open for Change and development, people who love work, believe in team spirit in team work, have ethical values, customer focused and have high social responsibility.


Our company sees human resources as the most important source to reach its targets and being successful. For this reason, it aims to keep its human resources strong by educating young and bright candidates and trainees with high potential for success and management.

Our basic policy; Honesty and openness, ensuring long-term trust and satisfaction of the government, customers and other business organizations.


The aim of Selection and Placement process; is to acquire human resources compatible to A Group corporate culture, with the qualifications and competencies required by open positions in our organization, and open for innovation and development. In this direction, placing the right people to the right job is our greatest goal.

The compatible and technical conformity of the applications via the A Group website and career portals is assessed carefully by human resources and the relevant department during the selection and placement process. As a result of the evaluation, job offer is made to eligible candidates.


Each of our employees who joins A Group is first involved in managerial and technical orientation training, ensuring compliance with our company and position.

Their professional and personal development needs are identified and supported within a plan, in order to develop their professional knowledge, competence and innovative perspective appropriate to the position they are in.

Personal and professional development trainings, courses, congresses, seminars, fair visits, etc. are continuously provided and supported both inside and outside the company as opportunities to our employees for their career development.