As a sensitive company to customers’ demands and expectaions, Akım Metal applies “Total Quality Approach” as a life style.

Akım Metal Quality Management System has been introduced according to process approach and ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 14001 requirements ; and is being improved with continuous improvement cycle.

It is not allowed to mention acceptable defect rates, so all machine and process capabilities are followed continuously; and every year new improvements and projects are developed to increase capabilities.


  • We answer our customers demands of ‘Quality+Cost+Delivery‘ with right dimensions, planned production on time,
  • We keep our cost at minimum levels possible in compatible with inside and outside competitions,
  • We provide all necessary production information to our customers for their parts,
  • We help our suppliers develop their quality management systems,
  • We support team work of which individuals know that their responsibilities are not limited to their own job but they have rights to step in for discrepancies and difficulties. This is done to propagate team spirit,
  • We perform all necessary improvement studies to reach and develop process parameter targets of Quality Management System,
  • While aiming for these targets; we take measures for human health, safety and environmental protection.


  • Our Employees’ health and safety is our no. 1 priority at our job.
  • It is our management’s responsibility to protect our employees from health and safety risks.
  • Our policy target is to carry out our poduction with zero accident and minimum level of sickness.
  • We make all necessary studies including trainings to have all employees realize our policy.
  • Occupational health and safety is an extension of our Quality Management System.
  • Our policy will be successful as long as all employees prioritize health and safety on their job and observe the rules with responsibility.
  • It is our duty to support our supliers co-operate with customers to maintain this policy.