Our die casting division began its activity using the newest aluminum injection technologies in 2005 with an experienced team of Akım Metal. We serve our customers with a low cost advantage by integrating mold making and machining support of our sister companies. We produce aluminum parts for automotive, household appliances and aircraft industries using cold chamber, high pressure metal injection presses.

Our 4000 m² machine park holds full automatic metal injection presses with clamping forces from 150 tonnes to 1100 tonnes and auxiliary equipments like shaft-type melting furnace, rotary flux feeder (degasing unit), tunnel – tumble – hanger type shot blasting machines and trimming presses. Our quality assurance is provided with well-developed laboratory equipments: X-Ray, Spectrometer, Density Measurement Bench, Profile projection and various specific control tools.


We investigate new technologies and developments on all over the world and integrate applicable ones into our company. We design, construct and apply all type of automation systems at our in-house automation department. We follow efficiency and loss of time data, and improve them with different problem solving and kaizen teams.

We provide our customers right quality, low cost solutions in a short time because we prepare process specifically for produced part.