Our company produces technological products that are not produced in Turkey as mass production, such as genuine motor design and their prototype productions, including all motor tests to verify and present to the use of our customer. Our production capabilities include:

  • Industrial motors (in robotic and automation applications, between 2-20 kW) - with our SMB brand
  • Defense Industry Motors
  • Electric Vehicle Motors (up to 250 kW)
  • Frameless Motors

Tests Applied to Motors:

  • No-load status tests;
    • Resistance measurements
    • Inductance measurements
    • Winding symmetry
    • Knock moment
    • Opposite Emk
  • Loaded Status tests
    • Output torque
    • Torque constant
    • Torque speed curve
    • Yield account

Our mass production machines:

  • Lamination press line
  • Machining line
  • Winding-to-end bonding-isolation placement-sewing and winding test line
  • Epoxy under vacuum
  • Assembly line
  • Precision laser cutting
  • Motor test line


We investigate new technologies and developments on all over the world and integrate applicable ones into our company. We design, construct and apply all type of automation systems at our in-house automation department. We follow efficiency and loss of time data, and improve them with different problem solving and kaizen teams.

We provide our customers right quality, low cost solutions in a short time because we prepare process specifically for produced part.