We produce LED bar, LED smps card, servo motor smps card, power analyzer card in our production line. Production is on average in the range of 5000-7500 comp./hr. Every part produced is tested and delivered to the assembly.

The SMD Line consists of the following machines:

  • Suneast SEM668-G2 automatic soldering machine
  • Yamaha Pulse MS4 automatic surface mount machine (14000comp./hour)
  • Suneast NC350 inter-control bands (3 units)
  • Suneast Genesis608 Lead Free Reflow system
  • Suneast LD460 automatic loader
  • Suneast UL460 automatic harvester
  • Suneast Peak350 wawe + chip solder pot (leaded 500Kg and lead-free 500Kg with 2 chambers)
  • Mirtec MV7 Omni 3D imaging and control machine

In addition, the following devices are available for testing:

  • Tekronics PA1000 Power Analyzer
  • Instek LCR-821 Lcr meter
  • INSTEK 3303 3A / 62V current-voltage regulated power supply

Working environment:

  • ESD protected floor coating (copper grounded)
  • Exahust&Ventilation for Reflow and Solder Pot Systems
  • 3 pcs 40.000 BTU hot-cold air conditioners for controlling the ambient temperature


We investigate new technologies and developments on all over the world and integrate applicable ones into our company. We design, construct and apply all type of automation systems at our in-house automation department. We follow efficiency and loss of time data, and improve them with different problem solving and kaizen teams.

We provide our customers right quality, low cost solutions in a short time because we prepare process specifically for produced part.